We build automation systems in the field of automation of industrial processes and machines based on the developed technical documentation or based on the concepts.

We use equipment from reputable suppliers, with guarantee of availability in the market.

As part of a comprehensive works in the Automation and ICT we offer:

  • Prefabrication of control cabinets and ICT
  • Implementation of machine/process control strategy based on PLC / PLC-SIS:
    • SIEMENS 
    • Allen-Bradley
    • SAMOS Pro
  • Implementation of machine/process control strategy based on DCS:
    • Honeywell PKS Experion
    • Yokogawa CentumVP
  • Implementation of SCADA, visualization and HMI
  • Configurations drive systems
  • Configuration of computer networks
  • Configuration of computer networks
  • Stocktaking on the site in the field of industry Automation
  • Support for the start and diagnostics of the automation systems
  • Making backups of the automation and operator stations
  • Training of the Operators and maintenance staff